Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Thinking about the worst and best some best things I love about myself and the worst things I’ve done with self.

If you are feeling low what do you do? Do you go and search for someone to reach you?

And what if you don’t find any what do you do? Listen to music?

Read your favorite book?

Try to divert your mind?

We search out for the one who understands, right?

We all need friends, we all need someone who will listen to us and then guide us to a better part.

But, Why? Why we always need someone else every time to share things and then take a decision on? While in the end, it’s only you who will face it solely.

But still you cannot stay without sharing, still, we will need some or other to share our thoughts with.

We need someone to understand it whether we understand them or not but we want them to understand us. It’s so common. But to be honest no one has faced the same problem as you, there are some or other differences in yours and their situations.

I have realized, our problems are too tiny sometimes but we over think on it and create it major in our mind. So can’t you just try to understand our problems first and then try to solve it?

And even if you cannot then just try to let go, don’t overthink it too much. But then you will try to share it with your friend, have you ever asked them how they actually looked at your problem? No, you didn’t?

They might be thinking it too small because for each person their problems are major every time.

Yes, they will guide you and you will feel a bit stressed free because you shared all those negative thoughts with someone who you think will understand and you know what at that moment you will try to understand it and then solve it by your own. While you could have solved it earlier by self too.


Yes, so you can always ask me for some positivity to push you forward which I always try to share with you from my blogs. And that’s why I write most of the times. I believe to be logical every time.

Yes there might be days where my blogs turn out negative but you know that’s life that’s part of us, I never want to share it but I feel like to share because I am a human too and few things do make me write even more positive when I wanted to be wholly negative.

I really love it when my blogs help you guys and I want you to help others more by you sharing it with everyone who is in need. I am not asking for a promotion but I just want to help everyone that’s my actual Moto behind my blogs. Thank you!


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