Mumbai I Know


Living in an atmosphere full of rush and gush, I’ve been always searching for peace. I was used to the hustle and bustle of the city, I was used to the crowd, I was used to the people who were always busy.

I loved to keep myself engaged with the daily struggle of life, struggle to get up early, struggle to get a train on time, struggle to attend the first lecture of my college.

I was used to those frustrated faces in the morning who wanted to fit inside the train which has less space and even doors seem to be space for more than 6 people. People in Mumbai are not less than a superman. Risking their life every day, pushing their limits every day and ready to face challenges every day.

I was so used to it, and somewhere I was tired but I loved it, I loved the attitude of people, I loved how they helped one another, I loved how they keep themselves energetic.

You will see lots of faces with different stories attached and every story with deep secrets. Life is never easy to live in this city and that’s what keeps this city alive and I guess That’s what attracts so many over here even knowing how difficult is to love here. But then the one who struggled to live here can live in any corner of the world.

But Mumbai is something different, it has everything with some little space and everybody here needs a space. You can never live stress-free here unless you find some happy clubs to hang out. Yes, people have found their way to survive in this city.

One eye with million dreams and billion eyes with just one dream to live to struggle and to be successful.

Mumbai I Know Mario Miranda Art
Art by Mario Miranda

This is what Mumbai is for me. Even though I’ve distanced myself from Mumbai but I will never forget it. It’s in my heart and it will always be in my heart. That lip smacking street Vada Paav cannot compete with any other street food no matter where you go.

Growing up in Mumbai is all about learning, struggle and earning. We people learn to live and we learn to stay happy in all those little things. We know how to survive in worst. We know how to enjoy the self-company.

Still, don’t know what Mumbai is?

Take a silent walk at Juhu Chowpatty when it’s about to dawn. After your busy work schedule just takes a walk to the crowded but peaceful shores of Marine Drive. Watch those happy faces, listen to the music over there with your earphones in. You may see someone breaking in tears too, you may see someone lost in their thoughts too.

More often you will see Couples spending their best time over there. You can see people spending their nights on streets and then joining work on the other day.

You can see the Bhelwala is earning more than you annually with those stained clothes. You can find busy and help peoples in local trains.

My words won’t stop here defining Mumbai, it’s just deep and the more you know it the more you will fall in love with this city.



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