Here’s to the girl…


Here’s to the girl,

who is waiting for her prince charming to come and take her to her magical world? But you know what?

You don’t need a prince charming to complete yourself you are beautiful in your own way ❤

Here’s to the girl who thinks her body doesn’t suit her and she is a potato.

 She never know her soul is like a nectar that attracts many people towards her.

Here’s to the girl who is broken, a fuck boy ruined her life, who was mistaken that he loves her but he didn’t.

 You will learn soon to judge people, just move on and there are many beautiful soul still alive you will meet your kind of person one day. Never lose hope, just know that you are worthy and should love yourself more and shouldn’t let yourself down.

Here’s to the girl who thinks she is not made for this world? Who hesitates to talk with people out there who think that people will judge her.

 You are beautiful of your kind ❤ you love to enjoy in your own world and if you think people will judge you? You don’t need them girl, if all you have is you then why you need someonelse.

Here’s to the girl who shows as if she is happy all the while but then her pillow knows all of her secrets at the end of the day.

 You are bold and strong enough and I know society do sucks you don’t have to get hurt with every little things. Just be that pretty girl you pretend to be. Seriously people love you more that way ❤

Here’s to the girls who deserve all of a love. Here’s to all those who should know being a girl is never a curse, Being a girl is a supremacy, it means you are bold, beautiful and powerful.

Being a girl means you can take responsibilities, you can handle situations wisely and you can love yourself to the fullest and achieve everything you want in the life.


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