Fandoms and Growing Up.


Hello everyone today I’m gonna talk about a situation I guess we’ve been through or else few of them are still dealing with. It’s about FANDOM AND GROWING UP.

Yes right, we as a kid like to watch Disney and Nickelodeon. From the Harry Potter to Fifty Shades Darker, Right from Watching Selena Gomez in Barney and Kids to Her Inspirational Growing career in Music, From the 5 boys Chasing Their Dreams Together to them finding their way solo and doing better, From Watching a cute 15-year-old Canadian Boy rocking the world With Baby Video till He Ruling the charts on Billboard and there are many more such. WE ALL GREW UP RIGHT?

Yes, we do, As a 90 kid or a teenager in 2010 to 2015 I myself remember how the world changed around us it was too fast, too competitive, I fell in love, breakups, peer pressure, starting up again and all those things which every teenager goes through. But you know with our generation it was kinda different.

Yes, fandoms were there earlier too, but In our generation, it was way too different.

We got Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and many other social medias to connect with these people who we really loved and wanted to meet once.

Their music their art and their acts made us follow them and yes to be like them somewhere. But then we indeed started interacting with those people who we’ve never met but only some stranger with the similar likes on social media.

YES, one unknown friend requests on social media just with our favorite singer or band members picture could make us accept it without thinking twice about who the person behind really is.

Then we start to talk with them and this goes on and somewhere we find few better people in the social world.

Using Facebook and WhatsApp being on social media for People we like was getting crazy. And guess what we are getting to know new people of same thoughts and same likes as well.

And as these things started growing the new kind of applications and new trends started growing up. We all started following it. We started making groups on WhatsApp to interact with such people. And somewhere they became our favorites and we started to laugh and share things with each other.

We were too young to deal every shits and sometimes when we find nobody by our side we started sharing stuff with them.

Can you imagine how strong it got just because of one celebrity or one boy band? We started meeting those people who were just like us and who were better than those around us.

All then we started growing up with our idols, we face similar things which our idols face too as we are of the same generation and that makes the bond stronger.

Going to concerts to see them together and meeting those special people on the same day, you will never forget it I sware.

But then somewhere we were growing up and we were dealing with real shits too. And the same was with your Friends, from showing off till actually dealing with stuff we all got lost.

We got busy within ourselves. And there were days when WhatsApp Groups used to get flooded with loads of messages. There were days when we used to laugh till 5 am.

There were days when someone saved you from your sad thoughts. There were days when we used to get more excited about our idols birthday than ours.

We used to make fun but never get offended and those fight between two fandoms and those ranting over people.

I am missing those days, I am missing those people, I am missing those laughs we shared, I never knew growing up could be this difficult.

I cannot accept the reality that those all groups are deserted, those groups which used to get thousands of messages hardly one or two people chat for a minute and leave and only chat there when they find some actual topic to talk with.

It hurts and all we have are those screenshots in our phone of those funny chats we had all those laughs we shared together.

The saddest part is we all don’t even care to reply because we are Growing up.

I seriously miss those days I seriously miss those nights we used to talk about how much we love our idols about how they changed our lives.

“I remember I remember those days, Laughing out loud staying up too late” lyrics from Lindsey Stirling’s Those Days

I won’t and cannot stop writing about this but I am stopping it here now but I will definitely write about this again. Because there is too much in me. And I guess somewhere it’s with you too.


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