Lost Souls


Sitting in the darkest corner of my room, watching dark clouds passing by. There is immense silent but there’s this chaos in my mind. 

Thinking about the unnecessary things which doesn’t relate to the situation I am inn now. Yes I am showing I am good but I am going through hell now.

There are thoughts in my mind there are thousand questions running through. Listening to that sad song which brings sorrows back. Thinking about what I’ve done to me I feel like there’s nothing left.

I am going through a hell alot but then there’s nothing going good. Yes i am hungry but then it’s not food. Starving for the love that I never had, looking for that missing and that care. Maybe I won’t find them back again. Yeah I am drowning in my thoughts once again.

As I go through those shits I look myself in the mirror, I try to see who I am but the image is still not clearer. I find myself stupid, looser and I look like a fool. Yeah I show people outside that I am really cool. But wait I am strong enough to handle all these shits alone, but still I wish I could talk with you about this all once on the phone.

I know I am not alone and there are many people out there surviving like me. Yes and I write for them and all these isn’t just for me. I want you all to understand that don’t loose yourself always there is a hope. I wish dealing with shit was a good scope. 

This is the life this is how we learn? If life is a lesson we are surviving through then tell me how many more pages we are going to burn? 

Trynna find happiness in little things I see, but this ain’t gonna be with me for a long time and this will be gone. I know I would be sad again when I will return to home and I would be all alone.

So I am writing this blog for you all to know that life is a game of black and grey in which we are trying to find color of our own.

Thank you. ❤


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