Drowning - Thoughts In My Mind

Life is full of ups and downs, ups are very rare but downs are very often. How strange it is when we feel like we are happy finally then suddenly some or other thing makes us feel upset and throw us back to the same position where we were before.

Even though you want to stand up and live some happy moments once again you cannot. These things suck right? Believe me, some things are so powerful that they can drag us down and tear us apart.

And it’s not in our control, we are already trying to keep everything to ourselves that even few stupid things can hurt us. And this is how we END UP.

We are lost, we cannot find ourselves, all those hopes all those ways we find to cheer ourselves are lost too.

We start to overthink a lot. Have you’ve ever been through such thing? I guess yes not everyone but yes few of them have been through this.

You know we are actually the one who is drowning ourselves, we have been holding on to all those stuff of which we must let it go and are a waste or are unworthy and in the back are gonna hurt ourselves. And this is why all those kind of stuff together can give the power to hurt you even more. And in the end, we feel like lost. Like we are drowning.

And it’s too hard to come up above and survive again. Yeah, nothing is hard once you try but this thing is like either you are saved or you will loose yourself for nothing.

Why don’t we better try not to hold on to things and just let them go? Why can’t we just focus on what we want and what we wanna do rather than satisfying others and hurting self when they get disappointed.

Let’s drown yes we must drown. Let’s drown in knowledge, let’s drown in those deep words of each book which inspires you, that music which helps you to breathe and stand for yourself every day.

If little bad things are gonna drown you then little good things can help you to fly. So it’s all up to you. Whether you want to drown or you want to fly? How about drowning yourself in those things you like?

You are born to fly. Each one of us is born special so better don’t loose yourself in something that will drown you.

Today is what we have this is the time to stand up for yourself.


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