I came across this because I’ve made many and today I feel about writing on this because we need to understand that mistakes are just a clause. “It just happens”

We all are humans we make mistakes, small or major. A mistake is a mistake. We all made some or other mistakes but what do we do next?

Do we criticize ourselves?

Do we keep on repeating it?

Or we learn something from it?

Criticizing oneself for a mistake is okay but correcting it is important.

Repeating the same mistake is stupidity. Because that just means that we haven’t realized we actually made a mistake and we don’t care about it.

Learning from a mistake is most important. I PREFER THIS MOST. Yes, let’s make a mistake we are human beings we are going to make mistake when we are going to try something new or we are going to do something which we have never done before. We unknowingly hurt someone.

We do those things which we never meant to do. We feel bad for it, we lose a person in this. We lose ourself too.

But you know what, it’s okay you are gonna learn from your mistakes. You will learn that you will never do it again. You will learn that how a person was important to you and just by your one mistake it cause clashes. But we are human beings we never learn unless we make any mistake.

So learning from your mistakes and correcting is the smart way to deal with this situation.

I know it won’t heal the pain or it won’t cover the scars that are caused but at least it will make you stronger. And stronger than ever ❤❤ I am not encouraging you all in making mistakes but I just want you to understand that try new things, make mistakes, learn from it and you will be a better person than ever.


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