Self harm.

Self-harm why people do that?

We are growing up in a really really fast and competitive world and as the world is growing faster we have to push our limits to match them. Yes, unfortunately, every one of us is dragged into the competition at a very tender age. And the one who fits Inside easily is doing really great. But there are innumerous people who don’t. What about them?


We all have gone through that really wanted to be a teenager and end up with why we are here situation called teenage. We fall in love, we get jealous, we get cheated and we feel like we are nowhere that first love or that somebody we loved actually leaves us useless in the end and then the worst days of life starts.

We need to understand Self-harm first.

Self-harm it’s not a small word. Ever thought why a person try to kill self? There might be innumerous reasons. Somebody with the prettiest smile acting like a very cool person or somebody who don’t mix up with people afraid to have conversations with groups. Such people are around us and you know what sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we do hurt them. You never know how your small thing can hurt them.

I will explain you the pain, with every situation in this blog.

How would you feel when you are in that phase of your life where you find nobody to understand you and nobody by your side. That love you trusted on kicked you so hard that you lost all faith in people. Those friends who said they will be there left you hanging in between instead judge you for nothing and backstab you so hard that you will never think about making new friends or getting socialize with people. When you started caring less about yourself when you are hungry but don’t want to eat? You starve yourself? When you started failing in exams?

You are sad. You are depressed. You cannot sleep. All you can do is stare at some empty space and cry. You cannot even cry out loud because you don’t wanna bother people. And all of sudden you find that you are not worth living because everything has ended. There is no reason left.

You want to die. But hell you want to punish yourself for nothing. And you get that sharpener, unscrew the nut and put that blade on your wrist. You don’t wanna do it you never wanna do it. But you just press it on your skin deep and leave a deep scar on your wrist. You will see blood all over coming but you don’t feel the pain and tears running out of your eyes and dripping on the hand. You are staring yourself in the mirror and going for another cut. And then this becomes a daily routine.

The above things I request you guys to never do it. It’s horrible thinking that way. You can just think and you will get goose bumps but just think about that person who did it.

Still self-harm a joke for you?

Why would a person try to kill self? Let me clear one thing here, People indulge in self-harm because they want to numb their pain. They don’t want to feel the emotional pain, so they give themselves physical pain.  They do it because they think they’ve failed themselves. These people don’t try to kill themselves. Sometimes the reason may be that they think that suicide is an easy option, suicide is for cowards. It may also be the other way round though; they are afraid to leave everyone and everything behind them. so they punish themselves, instead of completely ending everything. (Rumana Ghaniwala explained)

They don’t wanna die they wanna save themselves from drowning in their own thoughts. They need an escape and they don’t find anybody by their side so they took this step.

Ah did that hurt you?

Well another thing,

People often asks others why they smoke or drink or do drugs there might be different reasons some wanna get high have fun but most people wants to escape. They know that it kills cigs do kill but it helped them somewhere.

They have to take it because somebody ruined their life and they are ruining it more but they know that someday they will find their way, that someday they will feel better and for that someday they need to survive. And they are struggling Very hard. Never ever think a guy or girl who smokes is bad. Bad were those who left them nowhere.

You will find those people rude, but you never know that they actually aren’t.

I might tell you that self-harm is the worst situation ever. People went through hell a lot and why they do this is because they want to escape. They want to win over their pain. And you know what, SUCH PEOPLE ARE WORTH LIVING. ❤

Because nobody in this life deserves the pain that too in very young age. Such people knows a lot and been through a lot. They are diamonds who needs the pressure and will shine after all they’ve been through.

Guys who ever did self-harm or feel low. I want to tell you all that you guys no matter what, never lose yourself. Yes, some things in our life are meant to be happening. We go through so much pain but take that pain and change it into something beautiful. You will never know what you will be tomorrow. You never know that you might inspire thousands. You never know that you can do it. You are a beautiful soul. And you deserve all love. Love yourself first❤ believe in yourself. You know music helps a lot. Try to keep yourself busy in those things you love to do.

Music, dance, books, travel, eat, enjoy.. life is short and you never know what’s next. Just live the current moment don’t waste it for some losers. Because in the end, it’s you who gonna stay by your side and believe me you won’t need anybody else to complete yourself. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ❤


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