anger or wrath


Anger Or Wrath

Anger or Wrath
Anger or Wrath, Understanding the reasons, causes and what can you do to get out this problem?

Call it an emotion or a condition where you lose all your senses. Yes, Anger.
The worst problem of a human being or few people. There might be innumerable reasons you get angry. Anger can be compared to some incurable illness.

Have you ever felt like you are annoyed and wanna stab people? Ugh! I am pretty sure most of us do.  I am not some doctor or any doctor who can control anger but as per me most of us looses our self-control when we get angry. Major teenage problem.

But do you know it all depends on how we see the problem? Self-control is an important key to controlling anger. It’s very very hard but once you will win over your anger you will win over life.

Many times we do those things which we never ever wanted to do. We speak out those words to our closest that we never wanted to say. We create more problems just because of such little things. Why can’t you keep your mind cool and just try to think about every positive thing you can sort out with.

Now let’s try to understand what creates Anger?

When does a person get angry? When he or she couldn’t find happiness? When he or she is stressed? When the person couldn’t get what they want? Relationships? I guess these are in numerous little reasons as such but they create major problems. What we need to do is try to move our perception to positivity. If we will keep our mind calm and think about the other side of the situation then I guess we might win over Anger.

Still, you cannot? Then go outside look at the sky whether day or night just look above close your eyes, Take a deep breath and then slowly exhale the air outside. Do it for twice, thrice or as many times I guess you will feel fresh and then try to think about what was your problem. I am pretty sure you will win.

All I wanted to say in the end is don’t let small things destroy your entire life slowly. Anger is a situation which can destroy you as well as the people around you quickly. Always remember it needs months and years to maintain relationships but it can take just a second to end everything. So just think and Don’t let anything destroy you and your happy life. 🍹


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