It’s busy world, yes indeed it is. And it’s good to keep yourself engaged in something. Some say we are too young for that but when you are feeling you must do something or wanna try yourself believe me it is never too late. There will come times when you will fall many times and you will actually try to give up on you. And there would be no one around just you because only you know what shit you are going. It’s harder and much tough to decide even about your future because failure is you’ve all seen. All those bad days and sad memories you are carrying and to forget that you were bonded to some things that are actually killing you.

The phase when we turn back and look at that how we used to be and how we are now there might be two things either you will feel happy or you are gonna miss the old you. There will be conditions on everything and on every phase, you have to understand and you have to decide what you have to do and where you want to go, even if you want to take harsh decisions but if it’s for your betterment just go for it. You will either win or either fall so bad, but falling badly won’t hurt you right? Because you are a warrior and have been through a lot already you have the courage to take harsh decisions and you can do that even if you fail you learn to never repeat your mistakes. As per me, life is about learning and you are never going to be expert until you die.

Pass on the good things as much as you can and face bad things but then don’t forget to change it into something FABULOUS. And never ever give up, and whenever the give up thought pass through your mind just think about why you started? Try to find out the reasons. Do what you love, be selfish, and just be yourself its just a small life enjoy it to the fullest. Turn yourself into something beautiful. Life is too short to worry about stupid things.

All I know in the end it’s only you who can motivate yourself. All I can do is make you think of how beautiful you are and what you can do. Challenge your limits daily and you are gonna be totally different person another day. Do things that make you feel good. You are born to fly you are a dreamer. And there’s nothing impossible in you. Love to the fullest and kill ’em with kindness.

If you ever feel sad remember one thing it’s just a phase like how dark night is won by daylight just like that the dark days are not gonna stay for long no sadness can kill you or let you loose you will sail through it and find your own island of dream one day for sure. That’s all from this blog all love xx


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