Thoughts in my mind

1. The smoke that I inhaled gathered and form cloud full of unwanted thoughts and as it exploded in my mind it started raining through my eyes.


2. Once you thought that you are winning, even knowing that you are going to loose believe me YOU ALREADY WON!


3. There is love inside mind and love in your heart. People often get confused between these two, let me clear this in a simple way. Your mind always wants what you want and what you want is your desire. So love cannot be someone’s desire loving with the mind is always gonna be false liking or will end up just after the desire is completed. Let’s talk about loving someone from the heart, now this is something when you put all your efforts in. Loving someone from your heart is what beyond every desire and wants its just never ending and infinite. It never started with something that we want but it just started with little things and is never gonna end. I admit to the fact that nothing is forever but that forever is all we need.


He was broken but He was strong enough to show the world that he is not. He cannot take it anymore but he is still alive. He found no way out but still somewhere very far he can see the light, he is that broken star who’s gonna shine.

– Kalpesh


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