Expectations hurts

Have you felt being ignored? Yes, I do feel many times. It’s the worst feeling ever. But why it hurts? Because we expect more right, or we expect something that they couldn’t give to you. And why we expect? Because we care for them or maybe love them. Or maybe just we want them to do the same thing for us.

I remember one proverb I’ve been taught in school “In friendship no give and takes” but none of us actually mean it. I don’t know about everyone but most of the peoples do expect. Like if I ever helped someone in their bad times I do expect for them to help me in mine. Because time never is the same for everyone.

At one point we need to understand and accept the fact that Nothing lasts forever or Nothing is permanent. 

We do wait for someone in our life to love us the way we want and we even try to comfort that person with the same. So it does come I guess we are gonna Expect something from someone anytime. It can be for the time, things and care.

I would say that in the end, you are going to be self alone. Sometimes things don’t work our way. Sometimes its just not our glass of wine. Sometimes it’s not just happening. Patience is the most important key to everything in life.

I know this blog might be of no use to some but why am I writing is a different part. What I feel is everyone goes through a certain phase of life from which we have gone or we will be facing someday.

So for me, it’s important that you guys must know that you all are just perfect. Expectations never hurt. What hurts is that we are very bad at understanding each other. We need to understand relationships. We need to stop expecting stupid stuff sometimes. Just because we don’t know what the person from we are expecting much is going through.

That’s all from me In this blog. 🙂

If you like this blog please do share it with the person you care for. I want everyone to understand things. Do comment too and if I am wrong somewhere your reviews are important.


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